Ignite your Light!

Hi my name is Whitney Lynn and I am the creator of Ignite Your Light Kid Tv show.

IGNITE YOUR LIGHT KIDZ, is an American, christian, children’s musical television series.

The main character is PRINCESS ESTIE, who once was an average girl and lived in Persia.  She gets thrown into a magic portal and falls into a fantasy land called, Mushroom Candy Land where she becomes a BUBBLY PINK HAIRED PRINCESS WHO SPREADS THE LOVE OF JESUS INTO the kingdom.  Throughout her adventures SHE MEETS VARIOUS CHARACTERS, PUPPETS, AND VILLAINS that try to stop her from SPREADING the LIGHT.  The show is meant to teach moral values and biblical principles to children ages 1-6.[1]

The show was produced and funded by Ignite Your Light Ministries, in which Whitney Lynn is the founder of.

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