SW Florida Film & Television Academy

SWFlorida Film & Television Academy

SW Florida Film & Television Academy is being developed as a resource center for media content planning, creation, and distribution. The term media includes many varied means of communication such as print, audio, television broadcasting, and video. Printed material may be distributed through books, newspapers, billboards, magazines, brochures, and now even digitally to electronic reader devices. Audio moves through radio, recordings, and podcasts on the internet. Video programs reach their audience via broadcast television, cable, satellite, and on-demand sites on the internet such as You Tube, network websites, and Hulu.

SW Florida Film & Television Academy’s launch in Southwest Florida begins with night classes in basic video production techniques. In recent years video equipment has achieved a remarkable increase in quality coupled with an equally remarkable decrease in price. This brings the means of video production to virtually everyone. But equipment is only half of the equation. The skills and artistry make the difference between boring video that is totally ineffective, and creative video that captivates and engages the audience and delivers the message.

Artistic lighting, clear and accurate color reproduction, proper picture composition, crisp and clean sound, and effective editing all work together to communicate the message. In large production facilities these individual skills are applied by specialists, but in smaller operations one person or a few people must have a basic command of all of these disciplines. That’s where SW Florida Film & Television Academy comes in. Below are just a few topics covered in our media classes.

Video Director Lighting Camera Operator Teleprompter Audio Sweetening

Our Mission at SWFLFTA

Our mission is training and inspiring 21st century communicators. By training the student the basics of each of the foundational tv video production skills, it equips them to start producing quality video production individually and with small media groups. This broad-based exposure often leads to a discovery of an intense interest in one of the areas of specialization. This passion can drive the individual into self and directed study of that area and toward becoming a specialist.

A significant part of our media instruction reaches beyond simple technical training and seeks to inspire and propel the student into the realm of video media creativity. After a week of night classes, a full-day Saturday media training session includes guest lecturers who come from the industry and share their experiences to encourage and motivate the students to put their newly-acquired skills to work effectively.

Take some time to explore the site for the details of how this all comes together, and, if questions remain, visit the contact us page to find out how to get in touch.


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